Uppsala Sweden

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden, with a steadily increasing population of around 190,000. The city retains the charm of a small town while offering major urban opportunities and attractions. Anywhere you look, Uppsala is teeming with liveliness. Here are two universities Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Uppsala is considered to be the religious and historic centre of Sweden. The city has a solid base of knowledge and tradition from which to progress. At the same time, the atmosphere is youthful, and more than 40,000 university students are a significant factor to this exuberance.

Uppsala University was founded in 1477. There is no central university campus in Uppsala, but the university is spread over large parts of the city center, with the oldest building in the immediate surrounding of the cathedral.

The buildings for the old military regiment at Polacksbacken have been turned into university buildings now housing the Mathematics and Information Technology Center (MIC). The Ångström Laboratory has been placed in the neighbourhood, thus forming a small satellite campus to Uppsala University. In the close vicinity, across the old artillery field is the BioMedic Center BMC, with scientific research and education in area such as biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy and domestic sciences.

Among the many world-renowned scientists from Uppsala we could mention Carl Linnaeus, creator of the plant sexual system, and Anders Celsius, who developed the Centigrade system. Sweden’s oldest botanical garden, the Linnaeus Garden, is situated in Uppsala. Carl Linnaeus’ professorial residence is situated within the garden, while just outside the city is his summer residence, Linnaeus’ Hammarby.

Uppsala also boasts the largest cathedral in Scandinavia, one of Sweden’s most famous locations of prehistoric artefacts (Old Uppsala), the unique Anatomical Theatre built in 1600’s by Olof Rudbeck the Elder, the great university library (Carolina Rediviva) with the Silver Bible, Uppsala Castle dating back from the mid-1500’s with the Hall of State, and many more marvellous sites and attractions.

Uppsala is also an agricultural center, surrounded by large farming areas and smaller forrests. Historically, there is also a tradition of craftsmanship, and ore mining in the small villages around Uppsala. The city and its surroundings also offer a number of interesting tourist attractions, including smaller castles and the Viking age excavations at Old Uppsala.

The city’s geographical location with only 30 minutes from Stockholm–Arlanda international airport and 40 minutes from Stockholm, the capital, has made Uppsala an attractive place for meetings and to establish new companies.