Conference day 2 - Thursday, August 27

In the program an "(F)" indicates a presentation of a full paper with a total duration of 20+10 minutes, and an "(S)" indicates a presentation of a short paper, wiith a total duration of 10+5 minutes. In all sessions the short papers are given at the end of the session, in order to make it easier to change between sessions.

8.30 - 10.00 Plenary KeyNote
Session chair: Lars Oestreicher

Lies, damn lies and privacy
Nicklas Lundblad, European policy manager at Google

10.30 - 12.30 Paper session: Mobile Computing 2
Session chair: Fabio Paterno
Multi-Display Composition: Supporting Display Sharing for Collocated Mobile Devices
Kent Lyons, Trevor Pering, Barbara Rosario, Shivani Sud and Roy Want (F)

Animated transitions for adaptive small size mobile menus
Jussi Huhtala, Jani Mäntyjärvi, Aino Ahtinen, Leena Ventä and Minna Isomursu (F)

Investigating the Use of Voice and Ink for Mobile Micronote Capture
Adrienne Andrew, Amy Karlson and A.J. Brush (F)

SmartActions: Context-aware Mobile Phone Shortcuts
Akos Vetek, John Adrian Flanagan, Ashley Colley and Tuomas Keränen (S)

Can You Feel It? -- Using Vibration Rhythms to Communicate Information in Mobile Contexts
Sebastian Feige (S)

10.30 - 12.30 Paper session: Novel User Interfaces and Interaction Techniques 4
Session chair: Nils-Erik Gustafsson
Hall B
Instruction, Feedback and Biometrics: the User Interface for Fingerprint Authentication Systems
Chris Riley, Graham Johnson, Heather McCraken and Ahmed Al-Saffar (F)

Measurement of Olfactory Characteristics for Two Kinds of Scent in a Single Breath
Kaori Ohtsu, Junta Sato, Yuichi Bannai and Kenichi Okada(F)

Keyboard before Head Tracking Depresses User Success in Remote Camera Control
Dingyun Zhu, Tom Gedeon and Ken Taylor (F)

QualiTrack: Highspeed TUI Tracking for Tabletop Applications
Ramon Hofer, Thomas Nescher and Andreas Kunz (S)

Augmenting Surface Interaction through Context-sensitive Mobile Devices
Alex Olwal (S)

10.30 - 12.30 Paper session: Human-Work Interaction Design
Session chair: Annelise Mark Pejtersen
Room K4
Improving the Cost Structure of Sensemaking: Analysing User Concepts to Inform Information System Design
Simon Attfield and Ann Blandford (F)

Vote and Be Heard: Adding Back-Channel Cues to Social Mirrors
Tony Bergstrom and Karrie Karahalios (F)

Ownership and Evolution of Local Process Representations
Thomas P. Moran, Tara L. Matthews, Laurian Vega, Barton Smith, James Lin and Stephen Dill (F)

Designing for Improving Verbal Patient Transfer
Max Eichenbrenner, Abdullah Al Mahmud and Omar Mubin (S)

Exploring Manual Interaction and Social Behaviour Patterns in Intensely Collaborative Teamwork
Natalie Ruiz, Kelvin Cheng and Markus Rittenbruch (S)

10.30 - 12.30 Paper session: Multi-User Interaction and Cooperation 1
Session chair: Janet Read
Room K3
Sharing Map Annotations in Small Groups: X Marks the Spot
Ben Congleton, Jackie Cerretani, Mark W Newman and Mark S Ackerman (F)

Effect of peripheral communication pace on attention allocation in a dual-task situation
Sofiane Gueddana and Nicolas Roussel (F)

Is the Writing on the Wall for Tabletops?
Nadia Pantidi, Yvonne Rogers and Hugh Robinson (F)

Investigating the Effect of Hyperlink Information Scent on Users' Interaction with a Web Site
Nikolaos Tselios, Christos Katsanos and Nikolaos Avouris (S)

10.30 - 12.30 Paper session: Ethics and Privacy
Session chair: Ute Klotz
Room K2
Staging Urban Interactions with Media Facades
Martin Brynskov, Peter Dalsgaard, Tobias Ebsen, Jonas Fritsch, Kim Halskov and Rune Nielsen (F)

Location-based services in public places: design for privacy
Alexandre Alapetite, Henning Boje Andersen, John Paulin Hansen, Lone Malmborg and Jacob Thommesen (F)

`I Know That You Know' - Ascertaining Mutual Awareness of Recipient's Availability Status in Instant Messaging Applications
Agnieszka Matysiak Szostek and Berry Eggen (F)

Automatic translation system to Spanish Sign Language with a virtual interpreter
Sandra Baldassarri, Eva Cerezo and Francisco Royo-Santas (S)

Towards an Approach to Ethics and HCI development based on Løgstrup’s Ideas
Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen (S)

10.30 - 12.30 Paper session: Usability Evaluation Methods
Session chair: Masaaki Kurosu
Room K1
Hello World! - Experiencing Usability Methods Without Usability Expertise
Elina Eriksson, Jan Gulliksen and Åsa Cajander (F)

Supporting Worth Mapping with Sentence Completion
Gilbert Cockton, Sari Kujala, Piia Nurkka and Taneli Hölttä (F)

Sharing Usability Problem Sets within and between Groups
Gudmundur Freyr Jonasson and Ebba Thora Hvannberg (S)

Obstacles to Option Setting: Initial Results With a Heuristic Walkthrough Method
Silvia Gabrielli and Anthony Jameson (S)

Playability: How to Identify the Player Experience in a Video Game
José Luis González Sánchez, Natalia Padilla Zea and Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela (S)

13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: Mobile Computing 3
Session chair: Jaime Sanchez
An Evaluation of Product Identification Techniques for Mobile Phones
Felix von Reischach, Florian Michahelles, Dominique Guinard, Robert Adelmann, Elgar Fleisch and Albrecht Schmidt (F)

Presence, Routines, and Technology Discrepancy - Information exchange between Parents and Preschool Teachers
Stina Nylander (F)

TimeTilt: Using Sensor-Based Gestures to Travel Through Multiple Applications on a Mobile Device
Anne Roudaut, Mathias Baglioni and Eric Lecolinet (S)

NFC-based Mobile Interactions with Direct-View Displays
Khoovirajsingh Seewoonauth, Enrico Rukzio, Robert Hardy and Paul Holleis (S)

13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: Novel User Interfaces and Interaction Techniques 5
Session chair: Staffan Lohman
Hall B
Designing Novel Image Search Interfaces by Understanding Unique Characteristics and Usage
Paul André, Ed Cutrell, Desney Tan and Greg Smith (F)

Crossmedia Systems Constructed around Human Activities: A Field Study and Implications for Design
Katarina Segerståhl (F)

Query Suggestion for On-Device Troubleshooting
Frederic Roulland, Stefania Castellani, Ye Deng, Antonietta Grasso and Jacki O'Neill (S)

Memorization and Information-Retrieval Behaviors
Jun-ichiro Watanabe and Youichi Horry (F)
(This paper has been moved due to authors late arrival at the conference).

13.30 - 15.00 SIG Room K4
Designing Interaction for Next Generation Personal Computing
Giorgio De Michelis, Marco Loregian, Claudio Moderini, Patrizia Marti, Cesare Colombo, Liam Bannon, Cristiano Storni and Marco Susani
13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: Multi-User Interaction and Cooperation 2
Session chair: Nikolaos Avouris
Room K3
Interpersonal Privacy Management in Distributed Collaboration: Situational Characteristics and Interpretive Influences
Sameer Patil, Alfred Kobsa, Ajita John, Lynne S. Brotman and Doree Seligmann (F)

Assessing the "quality of collaboration" in technology-mediated design situations with several dimensions
Jean-marie Burkhardt, Francoise Détienne, Anne-Marie Hébert and Laurence Perron (S)

A Multi-Touch Tool for Co-Creation
Geke Dina Simone Ludden and Tom Broens (S)

GColl: A Flexible Videoconferencing Environment for Group-to-Group Interaction
Petr Slovak, Pavel Troubil and Petr Holub (S)

Space as a Resource in Creative Design Practices
Dhaval Vyas, Gerrit van der Veer, Anton Nijholt and Dirk Heylen (S)

13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: International and Cultural Aspects of HCI
Session chair: Andrew Dearden
Room K2

The Perception of Cultural Differences in Online Self-presentation
Yifan Jiang, Oscar de Bruijn and Antonella De Angeli (F)

Designing for Customs of Doing & Saying in Rural Communities
Nicola J Bidwell (F)

Faces of Privacy: Effect of Culture and Context
Kari-Jouko Räihä and Saila Ovaska (S)

Fair Partnerships - Working With NGOs
Sylvian Gitau and Gary Marsden (S)

13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: Child Computer Interfaces
Session chair: Silvia Lindtner
Room K1
Biting, Whirling, Crawling - Children's Embodied Interaction with Walk-through Displays
Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö, Mandy Weitzel and Ismo Rakkolainen (F)

Causes of Simultaneous Keystrokes in Children and Adults
Akiyo Kano and Janet C Read (S)

Evaluating a Tangible Game Video Console for Kids
Javier Marco, Eva Cerezo and Sandra Baldassarri (S)

Exploring Geometric Shapes with Touch
Thomas Pietrzak, Andrew Crossan, Stephen A. Brewster, Benoît Martin and Isabelle Pecci (S)

Gender and Cultural Differences in Perceiving Game Characters of Digital Educational Games
Effie L-C Law (S)

15.30 - 17.30 Paper session: Mobile Computing 4
Session chair: Janet Wesson
Design and Evaluation of an Adaptive Mobile Map-Based Visualisation System
Bradley van Tonder and Janet Wesson (F)

Exploring multimodal navigation aids for mobile users
Teija Vainio (F)

Feature Use in Mobile Video Creation
Arto Puikkonen, Jonna Häkkilä, Rafael Ballagas and Jani Mäntyjärvi (S)

Glaze: A Visualization Framework for Mobile Devices
Roberto Sousa, Valentina Nissi and Ian Oakley (S)

A Collaborative Approach to Minimize Cellphone Interruptions
Ashraf Khalil (S)

15.30 - 17.30 Paper session: Interacting with Pointing Devices
Session chair: Gerrit van der Veer
Hall B
Acquisition of Animated and Pop-up Targets
Guillaume Faure, Olivier Chapuis and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon (F)

An Optical Pen Tracking System as Alternative Pointing Device
Ingmar Seeliger, Ulrich Schwanecke and Peter Barth (F)

Did Minority Report Get it Wrong? Superiority of the Mouse over 3D Input Devices for a 3D Placement Task
Francois Berard, Jessica Ip, Mitchel Benovoy, Dalia El-Shimy, Jeff Blum and Jeremy R. Cooperstock (F)

The MAGIC Touch: Combining MAGIC-Pointing with a Touch-Sensitive Mouse
Heiko Drewes and Albrecht Schmidt (F)

15.30 - 17.30 Paper session: Evaluation 1
Session chair: Marta Laurusdottir
Room K4
Evidence based design of heuristics for Computer Assisted Assessment
Gavin Sim, Janet Read and Gilbert Cockton (F)

Physical Fidelity: Exploring the Importance of Physicality on Physical-Digital Conceptual Prototyping
Joanna Hare, Steve Gill, Gareth Loudon, Devina Ramduny-Ellis and Alan Dix (F)

Considering cost in usability evaluation of mobile applications: Who, Where and When
Georgios Fiotakis, Dimitrios Raptis and Nikolaos Avouris (S)

Is the ‘Figure of Merit’ Really That Meritorious?
Jarinee Chattratichart and Gitte Lindgaard (S)

User-Centered Evaluation of the Responsiveness of Applications
Gerd Waloszek and Ulrich Kreichgauer (S)

Evaluation of User Interface Design and Input Methods for Applications on Mobile Touch Screen Devices
Florence Balagtas-Fernandez, Jenny Forrai and Heinrich Hussmann (S)

15.30 - 17.30 Panel Room K3
Biometrics in Practise: What does HCI have to say?
Chris Riley, Tom McEwan, Lynne Coventry, Susan Dray and Gillian Ormiston
15.30 - 17.30 Paper session: Interaction with Small and Large Displays 1 Room K2
Session chair: Achim Ebert
A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Multitouch Input for Large Surfaces
Dominik Schmidt, Florian Block and Hans Gellersen (F)

Evaluating gaze and touch interaction and two feedback techniques on a large display in a shopping environment
Angelique Kessels, Evert van Loenen and Tatiana Lashina (F)

Design and evaluation of a large interactive display to support social interaction at work
Sanjin Pajo, Senka Zubic, Janieke Sturm and Aga Matysiak (S)

Interactivity for Museums: Designing and Comparing Sensor-based Installations
Pedro Campos, André Dória and Magno Sousa (S)

Leaf Menus: Linear Menus with Stroke Shortcuts for Small handheld Devices
Anne Roudaut, Gilles Bailly, Eric Lecolinet and Laurence Nigay (S)

15.30 - 17.30 Demos Room K1
Socio-technical Evaluation Matrix (STEM): A collaborative tool to support and facilitate discussion on socio-technical issues of a design process
Souleymane Boundaouda Camara and Jose Abdelnour-Nocera

Liberating Expression: A Freehand Approach to Business Process Modeling
Nicolas Mangano and Noi Sukaviriya

Social Circles: A 3D User Interface for Facebook
Diego Rodrigues and Ian Oakley