Industry day, Thursday, August 27

We proudly welcome participants to the Industry Day, taking place at Thursday August 27 at Uppsala Konsert and Kongress, in Uppsala, Sweden. The Industry Day aims at providing an opportunity to hear presentations and reflections of the practice of HCI in Swedish and international companies for researchers and practitioners. The industry Day is open to all conference participants, but if you only want to attend industry day it is possible to register for that event only. Se registration page for details.

Apart from the morning keynote, which is in the auditorium, all Industry day presentations will be held in Hall C. The Industry day is sponsored by Vinnova.


Thursday 8.00 – Registration opens at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Thursday 8.30 – KEYNOTE ADDRESS
Session chair: Lars Oestreicher

Lies, damn lies and privacy

Nicklas Lundblad, Deputy CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

[Keynote Abstract]

Thursday 10.00 – 10.30 – Coffee break

Session chair: Tomas Berns

User Experience - From Business to Research and Practice

Virpi Roto, Principal Scientist, Nokia Research Center, Finland

Good user experience (UX) is increasingly important for profitable business: once utility and usability are taken for granted, successful companies design for experiences. But how to manage the fuzzy thing called user experience in product development? This talk enlightens how Nokia's business goals led to UX research and how we applied the UX theory into practice.

InfraCAM – A Design Case

Bengt Göransson, Frontwalker/IT-arkitekterna, Sweden

This presentation explores the user-centred design of a new and innovative series of handheld commercial infrared cameras. Focus is on some usability methods and techniques that I found effective and attractive to use within an industrial project's limited resources and time frame.

The Role of HCI Research Across the Diverse IBM Business

Noi Sukaviriya and John Karat, IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre, U.S.A.

IBM is a diverse company consisting of software, hardware and services businesses. The Research Division - roughly 1% of the workforce - serves a dual mission of advancing science and technology, and also providing value to the various business components. In this presentation, we will discuss the basic model of how IBM sees Research interacting with Business units, and provide some examples of how HCI-oriented researchers contribute to success of the Research Division.

Broadening the Scope of Usability

Nigel Bevan, Professional Usability Services, United Kingdom

The popular ISO definition of usability in terms of user performance and satisfaction has recently been criticized as too narrow. The presentation will explain how practitioners can broaden the concept of usability to incorporate design for, and evaluation of: user experience, flexibility, accessibility, risk reduction and consideration of a wider range of stakeholders. The approach is based on recent proposals in ISO to extend the definition of usability.

Thursday 12.30 – 13.30 – Lunch break

Session chair: Susanne Bødker

User centred & agile development

Joakim Lööv, Frontwalker/IT-arkitekterna, Sweden

Agile development processes are gaining ground rapidly. Finding a suitable way of combining such processes with a user-centred approach is essential in developing highly usable systems. This presentation will give an outline of such a combination, exemplified using Scrum.

Usability? Sure – add it to the backlog

Magnus Lif, Torsten Sandbäck & Johannes Bäckström, Guide Redina AB. Sweden

Scrum is a widely used agile development method. The method has several advantages but do not give enough guidance on how to ensure a great user experience. The authors, all usability professionals, will share experiences from working with usability in Scrum projects. Potential problems will be highlighted and a way forward will be proposed.

Thursday 15.00 – 15.30 – Coffee break

Thursday 15.30 – 16.30 – HCI, DESIGN AND MARKET VALUES
Session chair: Jan Gulliksen

Understanding users and customers

Olle Torgny, Concept designer, Antrop, Sweden

This talk will be about the encounter between usability and marketing strategy, how to use usability for getting real insights about people’s behaviour and needs and how market and communication strategy can help define your product’s values and the reason people use it, as a complement to how they do it. Personas are used in both worlds – the trick is how to put them to work.

IxD Strategy - How to focus on real value

Per Axbom, XLENT Business Integration, Sweden

How do you prioritize interaction design when boundaries are set by time, money and resources? This presentation will help you decide what darlings to kill first, see ROI as a guiding factor and give insights into techniques for splitting a project into high-performance nuggets.

Thursday 16.30 - 17.30 – INDUSTRY DAY CLOSING KEYNOTE
Session chair: Jan Gulliksen

Excellent design - it's not about the process, but the people, the culture
and the leadership.

Sofia Svanteson, Ocean Observations, Sweden

What do Shakespeare's plays, Michelangelo's sculptures, Pixar's animated movies, Bob Dylan's songs, Sony's broadcast system and Apple's digital revolution have in common? - One individual with a passionate vision, penetrating insight, a brilliant mind and a relentless determination and focus. This presentation will discuss the importance of respect for design among executives, how getting stuck in processes can kill creativity and how proactivity, an open mind and a creative culture can allow for a business to flourish.

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