Conference day 3 - Friday, August 28

In the program an "(F)" indicates a presentation of a full paper with a total duration of 20+10 minutes, and an "(S)" indicates a presentation of a short paper, wiith a total duration of 10+5 minutes. In all sessions the short papers are given at the end of the session, in order to make it easier to change between sessions.

8.30 - 10.30 Panel Auditorium
Demarcating User Experience
Moderator:Virpi Roto
Panelists: Nigel Bevan, Jettie Hoonhout, Kristina Höök, Ilpo Koskinen, Gitte Lindgaard
8.30 - 10.30 Paper session: Multimodal Interfaces 1
Session Chair: Stefano Levialdo
Hall B
Ambiguous Keyboards and Scanning: the Relevance of the Cell Selection Phase
Julio Miró-Borrás, Pablo Bernabeu-Soler, Raul Llinares and Jorge Igual (S)

Force Feedback Magnitude Effects on User’s Performance during Target Acquisition: a Pilot Study
Lode Vanacken, Joan De Boeck and Karin Coninx (S)

Gaze-Assisted Pointing for Wall-Sized Displays
Hans-Joachim Bieg, Lewis L. Chuang and Harald Reiterer (S)

Hand Pointing Accuracy for Vision-Based Interactive Systems
Kelvin Cheng and Masahiro Takatsuka (S)

Pen-based Video Annotations: a proposal and a prototype for Tablet PC
Diogo Cabral and Nuno Correia (S)

Human Perception of Near-Duplicate Videos
Rodrigo de Oliveira, Mauro Cherubini and Nuria Oliver (S)

8.30 - 10.30 Paper session: Affective HCI and Emotion
Session Chair: Alex Olwal
Hall C
The attractiveness stereotype in the evaluation of ECA's
Rabia Khan and Antonella De Angeli (F)

Interpreting human and avatar facial expressions in context
Sylvie Noel, Sarah Dumoulin and Gitte Lindgaard (F)

Emotional Bandwidth: Information Theory Analysis of Affective Response Ratings Using a Continuous Slider
Danielle Lottridge and Mark Chignell (S)

The 'Joy-of-Use'-Button: recording pleasant moments while using a PC
Robert Schleicher and Sandra Trösterer (S)

Can you be persuaded? Individual differences in susceptibility to persuasion.
Maurits Kaptein, Panos Markopoulos, Boris de Ruyter and Emile Aarts (S)

The subjective and objective nature of Website aesthetic impressions
Eleftherios Papachristos and Nikolaos Avouris (S)

8.30 - 10.30 Paper session: Evaluation 2
Session Chair: Raquel Oliveira Prates
Room K4
Multi-Format Notifications for Multi-Tasking
Julie Weber, Mark Newman and Martha Pollack (F)

Improving Seamless and Continuous Operations in Pen-based Systems
Chuanyi Liu and Xiangshi Ren (F)

Insight into goal-directed movements: beyond Fitts' Law
Karin Nieuwenhuizen, Dzmitry Aliakseyeu and Jean-Bernard Martens (F)

A model to simulate Web users' eye movements
Myriam Chanceaux, Anne Guérin-Dugué, Benoît Lemaire and Thierry Baccino (F)

8.30 - 10.30 Paper session: Interaction with Small and Large Displays 2
Session Chair: Gary Marsden
Room K3
Spatial cues in small screen devices- Benefit or Handicap?
Martina Ziefle (F)

3DKey: An Accordion-Folding Based Virtual Keyboard for Small Screen
Khaldoun Al Faraj, Nadine Vigouroux and Mustapha Mojahid (F)

Investigating Temporal-Spatial Characteristics of Mouse and Touch Input
Christian Mueller-Tomfelde (F)

Adaptive Pointing – Design and Evaluation of a Precision Enhancing Technique for Absolute Pointing Devices
Werner A. König, Jens Gerken, Stefan Dierdorf and Harald Reiterer (F)

8.30 - 10.30 Paper session: Games, Fun and Aesthetic Design 1
Session Chair: Nicholas Graham
Room K1
Balancing Skills to Optimize Fun in Board Games
Eva Kraaijenbrink, Frank van Gils, Quan Cheng, Robert van Herk and Elise van der Hoven (F)

For Your Eyes Only: Controlling 3D Online Games by Eye-Gaze
Howell Istance, Aulikki Hyrskykari, Stephen Vickers and Thiago Chaves (F)

Situating Productive Play: Online Gaming Practices and Guanxi in China
Silvia Lindtner, Scott Mainwaring, Paul Dourish and Yang Wang (F)

11.00 - 12.30 Paper session: Accessibility 1
Session Chair: Ebba Hvannberg
DTorial: An interactive tutorial framework for blind users in a Web 2.0 world.
Joshua Hailpern, Loretta Guarino Reid and Richard Boardman (F)

The Attentive Hearing Aid: Eye Selection of Auditory Sources for Hearing Impaired Users
Jamie Hart, Dumitru Onceanu, Changuk Sohn, Doug Wightman and Roel Vertegaal (F)

Video Gaming for Blind Learners School Integration in Science Classes
Jaime Sanchez and Mauricio Saenz (F)

11.00 - 12.30 Paper session: Multimodal Interfaces 2
Session Chair: Martin Brynskov
Hall B
PressureMove: Pressure Input with Mouse Movement
Kang Shi, Pourang Irani and Sriram Subramanian (F)

Bimanual Interaction with Interscopic Multi-Touch Surfaces
Johannes Schöning, Frank Steinicke, Antonio Krüger and Klaus Hinrichs (F)

Multimodal Media Center Interface based on Speech, Gestures and Haptic Feedback
Markku Turunen, Jaakko Hakulinen, Juho Hella, Juha-Pekka Rajaniemi, Aleksi Melto, Erno Mäkinen, Jussi Rantala, Tomi Heimonen, Tuuli Laivo, Hannu Soronen, Mervi Hansen, Pellervo Valkama, Toni Miettinen and Roope Raisamo (S)

Comparing Gestures and Traditional Interaction Modalities on Large Displays
António Neto and Carlos Duarte (S)

11.00 - 12.30 Paper session: Model-Based Design of Interactive Systems
Session Chair: Philippe Palanque
Hall C
Augmented Interactions: A Framework for Adding Expressive Power to Standard GUI Widgets
Jared Cechanowicz and Carl Gutwin (F)

Model-based Design of Multi-Device Applications based on Web Services
Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro and Lucio Davide Spano (F)

Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff in Trajectory-Based Tasks with Temporal Constraint
Xiaolei Zhou, Xiang Cao and Xiangshi Ren (F)

11.00 - 12.30 Paper session: Social Media/Social Networks
Session Chair: Sylvie Noël
Room K4
HoneyComb : Visual Analysis of Large Scale Social Networks
Frank van Ham, Hans-Jörg Schultz and Joan Dimicco (F)

Simulating Social Networks of Online Communities: Simulation as a Method for Sociability Design
Chee Siang Ang and Panayiotis Zaphiris (F)

A Situated Display for Local Community Participation: The Design and Use of Nnub
Fiona Redhead and Brereton Margot (S)

WidSets: A Usability Study of Widget Sharing
Kristiina Karvonen, Theofanis Kilinkaridis and Olli Immonen (S)

11.00 - 12.30 Paper session: Games, Fun and Aesthetic Design 2
Session Chair: Torkil Clemmensen
Room K3
Head Tracking in First-Person Games: Increasing Enjoyment Using Web-Cameras
Torben Sko and Henry Gardner (F)

SimCompany: an Educational Game created through a Human-Work Interaction Design Approach
Pedro Campos and Ana Campos (S)

13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: Accessibility 2
Session Chair: Gerhard Weber
Speech-based navigation: Improving grid-based solutions
Shaojian Zhu, Yao Ma, Jinjuan Feng and Andrew Sears (F)

Useful, Social and Enjoyable: Mobile Phone Adoption by Older People
Mario Conci, Fabio Pianesi and Massimo Zancanaro (F)

Information Seeking Characteristics of Low and High Literacy Users
Neesha Kodagoda, William Wong and Nawaz Kahan (S)

‘I have Something to Say’: Supporting Aphasics for Organizing and Sharing Personal Experiences by Photos
Abdullah Al Mahmud and Jean-Bernard Martens (S)

13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: Multimodal Interfaces 3
Session Chair: Antonella di Angeli
Hall B
Bodily Explorations in Space: Social Experience of a Multimodal Art Installation
Giulio Jacucci, Anna Spagnolli, Alessandro Chalambalakis, Lassi Liikkanen, Stefano Roveda and Ann Morrison (F)

Advanced Maintenance Simulation by means of Hand-Based Haptic Interfaces
Michele Nappi, Luca Paolino, Stefano Ricciardi, Monica Sebillo and Giuliana Vitiello (F)

Multimodal Interaction within Ambient Environments: an Exploratory Study
Yacine Bellik, Issam Rebaï, Edyta Machrouh, Yasmin Barzaj, Christophe Jacquet, Gaëtan Pruvost and Jean-Paul Sansonnet (S)

Multimodal Interaction: Intuitive, Robust, and Preferred?
Anja Naumann, Ina Wechsung and Jörn Hurtienne (S)

13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: Tangible User Interfaces and Robotics
Session Chair: Lars Oestreicher
Hall C
A Model for Steering with Haptic-Force Guidance
Xing-Dong Yang, Pourang Irani, Pierre Boulanger and Walter Bischof (F)

Designing Laser Gesture Interface for Robot Control
Kentaro Ishii, Shengdong Zhao, Masahiko Inami, Takeo Igarashi and Michita Imai (F)
A Haptic-Enhanced System for Molecular Sensing
Davide Mazza and Sara Comai (S)

13.30 - 15.00 SIG Room K4
Postgraduate studies in the field of HCI
Teija Vainio, Veikko Surakka, Roope Raisamo, Kari-Jouko Räihä, Poika Isokoski, Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila and Sari Kujala
13.30 - 15.00 Paper session: Visualisation Techniques
Session Chair: Horst Oberquelle
Room K3
WIPDash: Work Item and People Tracking Dashboard for Software Development Teams
Mikkel Jakobsen, Roland Fernandez, Mary Czerwinski, Kori Inkpen, Olga Kulyk and George Robertson (F)

CGD - A new Algorithm to Optimize Space Occupation in Ellimaps
Benoit Otjacques, Mael Cornil, Monique Noirhomme and Fernand Feltz (F)

The Visual Perception of Tag Clouds - Results from an Eyetracking Study
Johann Schrammel, Stephanie Deutsch and Manfred Tscheligi (F)

15.30 - 16.30 Closing Keynote
Session Chair: Paula Kotzé

Towards human-centred design
Liam Bannon, University of Limerick, Ireland

16.30 - 17.00 Conference Closing Auditorium